Friday, July 14, 2017

How to Win the Swagathlon Team Challenge; Tips and Tricks

Another Team Challenge is here! For those of you who are not familiar with team challenges, these fun events give you an opportunity to gain points as a team to win a prize, normally a Swag Up (a rebate on your next gift card). Points are not the same as Swagbucks. If you are new to Swagbucks I recommend you check out my guide to earning 80+ a month with Swagbucks. 

From the Sweet Treat Team Challenge Page:

"Swagathlon Team Challenge

At Swagbucks we love a good sporting event, that's why we've created the Swagbucks Swagathlon! Join today and be assigned to either the Back Stroke Folks, the Pedal of Honor, or the Stride Pride team and get ready to take home a medal and up to 100 SB In Bonuses! Starting Monday, July 17th, we're kicking off this race at 8am PT. Get to the head of the pack by earning SB in all of the activities below. You must contribute at least 600 points to your team in order to medal, so don't waste any time and get to earning! The team that comes in 1st place will earn 100 SB, the 2nd place team will earn 50 SB, and 3rd place will earn 30 SB! 

Learn more about the Swagathlon Team Challenge by visiting our blog."
Doing small offers on discover will be the fastest way to earn points. RadiumOne, PeanutLabs and other walls have dozens of 1 sb offers, and each of these will be worth 20 points for the team challenge. Mobile discover offers are worth 10 points each. Check out some of these too some of them have great payouts for not a ton of work. Also check adgate for the Insurance Branch offers.
One option is  to check the sponsored videos section and there are multiple options, I start by clicking on the guy with a laptop. Normally this takes about 10 separate clicks but only takes about two to three minutes. It's worth 2 sb each time you complete it and can sometimes be done 15+ times a day. If you see a girl in a tank top, always click on it, it'll be about 30 seconds, you must interact with the ad in some way, and it credits 2 sb each time. The others I do less often because they take more time and sometimes have issues crediting. 
Do some watch when you get a chance, it's worth 15 points per completed playlist. Check out my instructions for doing this the quickest way to make the most through watch on the computer. This includes watch, Toolbar Tv  NCrave is  being counted as watch this time around, and is also excellent for general earning.  The 1 sb ones will be the quickest way to get points. Try this list of the shortest videos to earn. Earning on the apps will contribute 10 points to your team

If you want to boost your search wins I recommend following my instructions here to maximize your earnings there, this can help you get your daily list finished daily. For general earning check out my Advanced Guide to Swagbucks.

Visit any store from the featured shops and you'll contribute 5 points to your team! This is an excellent way to max out your points needed in a day. Max of 10 stores. 

I encourage you to check the Swagbucks subreddit or the Swaggernaut Facebook group for more helpful hints! As always, feel free to check out the rest of my blog and all of the tips and tricks for earning money online! I'll try to keep this post updated daily with any new information that I have, so check back daily!

A couple of recent offers that are working. Make sure to do these on desktop with your adblocker turned off and using the same email as you use for Swagbucks for the best chance of crediting. The Dollar Shave Club, Gillette, and Naturebox offers all creditted for me, and are money makers. They're great for getting your daily bonus and things you already need/use.

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