Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How I made 80+ a Month In My Spare Time With Swagbucks

Trying to save money can be difficult, and sometimes you just don't have time for another job. I was poking around on Reddit and Facebook trying to find ways to make extra money and I ran across a site called Swagbucks. Me and my wife have made over $1200 in gift cards and PayPal from Swagbucks alone.

Much of the following guide comes from information I learned from reddit.com/r/swagbucks. I am a regular contributor on the SubReddit there, and use it daily to share tips I learn and to take advantage of tips that others have found. I have taken their guide and edited it extensively to add in some of my own personal experience to share with you.

This guide is meant for U.S. users. U.K, Canada, and users from other countries may not find the same exact experience.

Before I begin I want to show you my proof of payment, because you may be questioning if this is really a legitimate site and how much can actually be made on this site. If you follow these ideas you really can make this much, and there are people who make more.

To the right is a list of all of the gift cards/Paypal payments I've received in the last few months. So far by myself I've redeemed over 400 dollars in gift cards, my wife has redeemed over 200 dollars in gift cards/Paypal from Swagbucks. This is a long guide, but I think you will find that it is very helpful. This guide is meant for beginners. If you are not a beginner, check out my advanced guide.

Starting off:
Go to Swagbucks.com  
1.Provide the needed information including the same email you use for paypal if you want to be paid that way and use the Sign up code “RSWAGBUCKS” which is optional, but it will give you 70 free SB. 
  • The box to type this in doesn't show up unless you click “I have a sign up code (optional)” which is under the “Confirm Password” Box.
There's also a $5 sign up bonus if you earn 2,500 SB within the first 60 days of membership. (This can be done easily by completing a couple of offers)

2.Just signing up will give you 4 SB. Now complete your profile, learn how you earn and Discover your rewards. That will give you 32 SB. This part is pretty self-explanatory. You can skip the tour, this rewards no SB.

3.At some point, verify your account through your email, sooner is better than later.

4.Hover over “Answer" on the Swagbucks Bar at the top of the screen. Click on Surveys. Fill out the info to give you surveys better targeted toward you. Earn 1 SB for entering your age/gender and 1 SB for entering your birthday. Earn 2 SB for every 10 Survey Profile questions you answer (these are found on the right side of the screen).

5.Install the SwagButton to receive 50 SB. The Swagbutton will notify you of swag codes(explained later) and other opportunities to earn. It is a safe browser add on, and I would encourage that you use Swagbucks with the Chrome browser for the best overall experience.

6. Start navigating through the pages down on the bottom left you will see a few items to check off. Your daily goal is listed in the top middle of the page between invite friends and the swag code box. This is important for free passive SB. More on this later.

7.As you earn you should know 1SB is approximately equal to $.01. 

8.The lowest payout is about 200 SB for an $2 Ebay gift card. The lowest redemption for Paypal is 2500 SB for $25 in Paypal cash. There are often discounts on gift cards, and once a month you can redeem a $25 gift card for 2200 SB. There have been recent additions including Steam cash. They do not do Disney gift cards yet.(though you can buy them using Target gift cards)

Daily activities and To-Do List: ~ at least 630 SB per month Bottom left side of the screen
1.Daily Poll- 1 SB, self explanatory

2.Deal of the day- 1 SB, Click on the link on the bottom left, it credits instantly. You do not have to actually complete the offer.

3.Daily Crave- 1 SB, Wait for it to check off, then click whether you like it or not. sometimes you will have to click whether you like it, and others you may have to make sure you click play on a video. You can keep craving and earn more through this. If you don't want the extra noise I recommend you mute the tab(this will not affect your earnings).
4. Watch- at least 1 SB this can be done through mobile watch, toolbar tv or by watching a playlist.
5. Search- at least 4 sb Search through Swagbucks to earn a search win. These are random, but if you just search a few times each day, you will get a search win. Use my guide here for more details on earning with search.
6. Deal of the Day- cllick on the link in the to-do list, it's worth 1 SB. Sometimes these offers can be amazing, so check them out. 
7. Answer- at least 1 SB. Attempt a survey and you'll get credit here
8. Discover, complete one offer to get this one completed.
9. Not actually on the list, but a definite thing to do. Play- 10 SB, play Swagasaurus Run or Swag Jump Score is irrelevant, lose and repeat. I prefer Swag Jump. It takes 2 times of playing to be credited 2 sb and you only have to hit about 4 jumps before falling for it to credit. This can take about 5 or 6 minutes to complete, but I recommend you do this while having a watch playlist or NCrave going.

Mobile Dailies (6 apps, 60 SB + Extra): SBTV, Entertainow, Moviecli.ps, Sport.ly, Indymusic.tv and Lifestylz.tv
Each of these has daily limits, however you generally get a chance with each app at earning bonus SB past the normal daily limit! Remember it generally is better if the bonus is more than 14 videos to move on to the next app until they are all done. 
1.Swagbucks tv- 10 SB: [iOS] [Android] (reduced to 10 as of February 16, 2016)
  • You get 2 SB per 6 videos watched. Go to the “Home and Garden” category. Favorite “10 Sec Tip-Grass Stains or any "10 Second Tip" video by holding down on the video then selecting "Add to Favorites". Let these videos auto-run by watching them from your “Favorites.” This will take about an hour. You will know you have reached the maximum amount for the day when “You reached today's earning limit. Please keep watching!" shows up. You can now watch longer for a chance to earn bonus SB past the normal 36 SB limit if it is available.
2.Entertainow- 10 SB: [iOS] [Android]
  • This app works the same as the previous, however it pays 2 SB per 15 videos watched. The shortest videos are under the category “Tv Spots.” I favorited “Touch.” This is the only one you will want to favorite since it is the shortest. Go to your “Favorites” and watch these till you reach the Daily limit or watch longer for a chance to earn bonus SB past the normal 10 SB limit.
3.Moviecli.ps- 10 SB: [iOS] [Android]
  • It pays 2 SB per 15 videos watched. The shortest video is "The Other Woman" (with the hat) at 25s. Go to "Favorites" and watch until you reach the limit or watch longer for a chance to earn bonus SB past the normal 10 SB limit.
4.Sportly.tv- 10 SB: [iOS] [Android]
  • It pays 2 SB per 15 videos watched. The shortest video is "Bizarre Sightings- Laughter Yoga" at 26s. Go to "Favorites" and watch until you reach the limit or watch longer for a chance to earn bonus SB past the normal 10 SB limit.
5.Indymusic.tv- 10 SB: [iOS] [Android]
  • It pays 2 SB per 15 videos watched. The shortest video is "Love is All Around by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts" under the Rock section at 30 seconds. Go to "Favorites" and watch until you reach the limit or watch longer for a chance to earn bonus SB past the normal 10 SB limit.
6.Lifestylz.tv- 10 SB: [iOS] [Android]
  • It pays 2 SB per 15 videos watched. The shortest video is "10 Sec Tips - Grass Stain Removal" under the "Garden" Channel. Go to "Favorites" and watch until you reach the limit or watch longer for a chance to earn bonus SB past the normal 10 SB limit.
Can't find the shortest video? Check through THIS LIST for the next shortest. The videos cycle, so make sure to check back later to see if there is a shorter one.

Passive Swagbucks: (Now this is Awesome!)
So you know all of those things that you already do above? Look over at the Daily Goal Section at the top of your screen between refer and earn and swag code.
1.If you reach the Daily goal (which can normally be reached solely through the apps) you will get bonus SB and it will count towards your “Winning Streaks.” Your daily goals will increase with the more that you earn. There are some people who have reported daily goals of over 600! This grants you at least 10% of your daily goal as your monthly bonus. You must redeem your monthly bonuses manually now before the 15th of each month or they will disappear.
2.The Second goal or “Total Goal” gives you more bonus SB, but does not have to be reached in order to count toward your “Winning Streaks.” It does however guarantee you a larger bonus at the end of the month. 
3.Winning Streaks:
  • Meet Daily Goal 7 days in a row.............. 25 SB Bonus
  • Meet Daily Goal 14 days in a row............ 100 SB bonus
  • Meet Daily Goal 21 days in a row............ 200 SB bonus
  • Meet Daily Goal every day in the month... 300 SB Bonus
4.Passive Earning Calculations for Goal One for a month (m):
  • Reaching Goal One of the Daily Goal......... 90 SB/m
  • Meeting Goal One every day for month..... 300 SB/m
  • Referral SB............................................. ??? SB/m
  • Complete passive amount....................... 390 SB/m
4.5Passive Earning Calculations for Total Goal for a month (m):
  • Reaching Total Goal of Daily Goal............. ~482 SB/m(approx)
  • Meeting Total Goal every day for m.......... 300 SB/m
  • Referral SB............................................. ???? SB/m
  • Complete passive amount....................... =782 SB/m (minimum)
5.Notes about Passive earnings:
  • SB from Daily Goal and Winning Streaks are paid out on the 5th of every month, referral SB's are paid out as they're earned.
  • Daily Goal rewards increase over time the more you complete it and the more SB you earn per day.

Additional Ways to Earn If You Have Time
1.Swag Codes- usually around 2-4 SB which are posted on their social media sites. Codes are posted quickly on/r/swagbucks and Twitter. Some codes have to be put into the swagbutton, and will be listed as such.
2.“Earn 2 Swag Bucks” and other offers that are sent to your SB Inbox. Some can be watched 2 or 3 times each.
4.Encrave: Auto watches videos for you. Found through Watch tab->Encrave->One of the boxes with the Replay symbol in the corner. Click the Discovery Mode button so there is a check mark to auto play. You may have to "unlock" the Encrave videos each day by doing 1-2 of the Encrave articles first. May not be available in Canada and the U.K.
  • Tip: Use this when watching youtube/Netflix/Tv or whenever you are AFK(Away From Keyboard)
5. Surveys are a great way to make some quick cash, you won't qualify for every survey, but just take your time and answer honestly. Do not depend on surveys, as they can very suddenly fill up or disqualify you. If you have specific questions or issues, I have found the support to be fairly helpful with such issues.
6. There are many offers in discover, I cannot tell you which ones will work and which ones won't. I often check the swagbucks subreddit and the Swaggernauts Facebook group see which ones people have posted there. I recommend doing offers in incognito mode on Chrome, especially lifescript offers.

If an offer doesn't credit within the specified time period, contact customer service, they are very good at getting back to you. You can also contact customer service through their Facebook page. If you are trying to get 1 or 2 very quickly Swagbucks to get to your daily goal, I recommend Peanut Labs and Radium One. Sort by lowest payout for quick offers.

If you just do the mobile apps, play and the daily activities(poll, daily crave, NOSO) you can easily make about 80 SB a day.

I recommend you check out the Facebook and Reddit groups dedicated to Swagbucks. Some of these people have made thousands of dollars using Swagbucks. You will see daily tips on the best ways to earn.

Earning with Swagbucks can be passive and easy, don't make it harder than it has to be. Just have fun and join the communities for tips and tricks. If you enjoyed this guide please share this article with your friends.


  1. Wow thats a lot of Swagbucks information to digest. I hate that they reduced the earnings from the mobile apps so much! The reddit page is great for finding easy offers to complete. I also use brokestudentsupply.com to find easy offers.