Sunday, May 15, 2016

Advanced Tips For Earning With Swagbucks

If you're like me you have things to do, and are always trying to make the most out of your time online. I have found a way to earn a lot with minimal effort with Swagbucks. While for me I've been doing this while job hunting, this could easily be done while paying bills, watching Netflix, doing homework or just surfing the web.

I always try to make sure that I reach my first daily goal every day if possible, as this becomes an additional 600+ SB per month between the daily goals adding up and the monthly bonus for getting all 31 days. Don't worry too much because there are also bonuses for hitting smaller marks like 7, 14 or 21 days. By using the different tips I have in both of these guides you should easily make both goals every day.

The mobile apps are crucial to earning quickly and in the guide I outlined before there is great explanation on how to get the most out of the apps. I wanted to add another tip though. I bought a couple of cheap pre-paid phones from Kroger for $10, which allow me to run apps on them, including the Swagbucks TV apps, in order to earn money and not tie up my own personal Smartphone. You do not have to pay for a plan; just set it up on your home wifi and run the apps mentioned. A weekly published list of the best phones available can be found here. Just click on "cheapest devices of the week."

I mentioned NCrave and Watching videos before. I use 3 tabs at all times for Swagbucks, I recommend you mute them all, as it makes no difference to earnings. In the first tab I run watch. You only have to watch these videos until the check mark.(generally 40 seconds or so)

On the second tab I run NCrave which can be found under the watch tab. I recommend using Chrome for this. You will have to check back often, to advance it, but remember if you're moving away from the page, you can only do Ctrl+Tab(or Ctrl+Shift+Tab) to move away, and your mouse must be on the main part of the screen, otherwise the timer will not count down. Early in the year is a little tougher to get good amounts on these, but later in the year you will be able to get much higher amounts through Ncrave. This used to be easier and more automatic. Instead of always doing this, check under sponsored videos, I recommend the all you can eat and the guy with a laptop for 2 sb. Both can add up quickly.

The third thing I do is toolbar tv. You can technically play this from the Swagbutton, but I find it easier just to start from here. These playlists often require you to click on each new video, but sometimes will auto advance. 20 videos equals 3 SB. You only have to wait for the bar to advance to click on the next video.

Shop and earn. Swagbucks will pay you a percentage of what you spend on certain sites including Amazon, Ebay, JCPenney, Groupon, Living Social, Kohls, Walmart, and many other sites. Some sites, including Amazon, will limit the items the cashback will apply to.

Discover can be a big benefit in earning. This section includes hundreds offers from 1 SB to thousands. From my experience not all of these pay out. If you have issues I recommend you make sure you have proof (take a screenshot by using "printscreen" and saving the image) and contact support about these issues. Make sure you know the amount for the offer, and who it was through (popular ways to earn, Peanut labs, Radium One, etc.)

Surveys can be found in the Answer section. I try to finish at least one 50 SB survey every day if I can. These can be discouraging, though, as you can get disqualified or they can fill up quickly. If you run out of gold surveys you can always do more under Peanut Labs.

I love using the Swagbucks search engine to make money. I outlined how I make more in this guide.

Always be on the lookout for swag codes, they are posted almost daily, most can be found on Facebook.

I encourage you to check out the Facebook group that has over 20,000 members and the subreddit for Swagbucks to get extra help. Offers that credit are posted there on a daily basis.

Time sensitive tips:

Check out this guide to other offers you can complete quickly.

You can have multiple people in the same household with accounts on Swagbucks. Me and my wife have accounts, and I use one of the phones for my apps, and she uses one for hers. It is against their terms of service to have more than one account per person, so don't even try it.

There are always events going on, check their blog for the most recent events

Just remember to not get discouraged and if you are feeling burned out to take a break! I hope these tips help you in making a little extra money with Swagbucks.


  1. highly doubt you reach your daily goal everyday lol

    1. Why not? I do, unless I'm traveling. Some days are tougher than others, but it can be done if you are willing to put the time investment in.

    2. I do too. I did it in 10 out of 12 months last year, and expect the same this year.

    3. I make my goal everyday. It is very possible.

  2. I would like to suggest that you make your links open a new tab as I had to find you again after selecting the first link. I did use the control button after that, seeing that I wanted to completely read you site. Thank you very much for your time in posting this and other pages.

  3. Canadian user here. We don't have Encrave anymore, haven't for a long time. In the watch section we have 20+ videos for 3 SB, they took away all of the lower ones. Our mobile apps give us 10 SB a day each. So with the apps, dailies and a few videos I am always able to pull off first goal. Most of my surveys though I do through Clix. They pay alot more and they still pay us Canadians in USD. SB switched to CAD last year. Good tips and happy earnings.

  4. The tips I learned from this blog have really helped me increase my swagbucks earnings, thank you

  5. Does Swag allows us to run things in three windows at the same time? I don't want to get banned. TIA

  6. I been reading your blog. Thanxs soo much for all the info, I didnt know these underground to SB existed. Ill be a regular from npow on. Thanxs, Bockey10

  7. I like the info you've provided here. I was hoping you could give more details about the phones (cheap pre-paid) you use for the apps.
    Are there any minimum requirements? Do I need a special wi fi or will a wireless router work? Etc...?

    Also curious about your statement regarding having 3 tabs open. I use firefox and sometimes chrome but if I have more then 1 thing going on SB they get jerky and incredibly slow.
    Is there a trick or add-on that would help?