Sunday, October 1, 2017

8 Apps You Can Install On Your Phone to Make $50+ a Week

Sometimes you just need a little extra money. If you have a smartphone here are 8 apps you can download today that can help make you $25 or more per week. I have rated these based upon my own personal experience with each/ease of use. Some are more passive than others, and there is far more to be made with most of these apps than just $25.

1. Swagbucks- by following this guide you can easily make $7 a week. Much more can be made on this site, including cash back on online purchases, watching videos, doing surveys and more. Giftcards available as low as $2. Only one phone can be used per account, but multiple devices allowed per household Check out my guide for more information.

2. Slidejoy puts ads on your swipe screen. On average it nets .15-20 cents a day meaning a possible 1.40/week Lowest payout is 100 points, but points are only redeemable the month after they are earned, so points earned in January are available in February.

3. Microsoft Rewards-do searches on mobile and computer to earn a possible 28 points. Once you reach gold level(less than a month of being active) gift cards are discounted down to 475 points, which means you can redeem them for a $5 gift card. I recommend you check out my guide for earning through changing your search engine.

4. Perk -you can run videos overnight on a phone overnight. There are a couple of additional apps including some games that you can download to make more points. Possible to make as much as .40 per phone per day at best up to 5 phones per account(multiple accounts per household allowed) just from watching videos. $2.50 possible per day. $12.50 possible per week. Gift cards available through amazon and others starting at $1.00. Can redeem for paypal. They also have a quiz, word search and other apps.

5. Ibotta -scan in your receipts and redeem cash back on grocery and other purchases. Sign up with to get a sign up bonus! You can redeem through paypal or gift cards.

6. App Trailers -watch videos and make points. 10 points= $.01. Lowest cashout is 100 points. Pretty straight forward, you can link this to your perk account and cashout easier. Max devices for this app is 5.

7. Inboxdollars -watch videos, search and do surveys to earn points. Payout is by check or prepaid card. It's a steady amount with watching and has a desktop version as well. Easy to make .50 a day on here.

8. Rewardable TV- watch videos to make points 10 points =$.01. Cashout for paypal or gift cards. Can be run on as many as 7 devices, but it is recommended that you run it on 4 or less per account (multiple accounts allowed) Get the app hereUse referral code TNEWTON8 when signing up for a bonus $.50 to get you started!

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