Saturday, November 4, 2017

My Guide to Making Money Online For Christmas Shopping.

There are  dozens of sites out there that will pay you to watch videos, do tasks or surveys to get cash or gift cards. These are often referred to as get paid to (GPT) sites. Sifting through and finding the easiest to use, and the ones that have the most options can be difficult. Some sites have 6 week waiting periods to cash out, others make you verify your address in order to cash out. I have found a few that have worked well for me in this post. Each of these sites has their pros and cons, I have put them in order of what I like the most.

Join Swagbucks!Swagbucks
I find Swagbucks to be one of the easiest to use GPT sites. Combine a fantastic site with loads of options to earn 6 easy to use mobile apps, and this is by far one of the easiest sites to use. You can also earn cash back on most online shopping sites. With daily and monthly bonuses you can easily make over $100 on this site each month. Check out my guide here on how to get started. I have now made over $2150 with this site alone!

You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What's Online at


1. Register. You can register for an account by clicking this link here. You get 10 points for free when you join and you can use your email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account to join you must verify your email.

2. Complete tasks, watch videos complete surveys. The watch function is completely passive, and has a better payout than some sites. Click on the earn tab and then click on watch videos. You can play all 2 playlists on one computer at the same time, which adds up fast. There are many tasks to choose from. They will be displayed on the dashboard when you log-in. Activities include watching videos, completing surveys, shopping, completing offers/free-trials, and ad walls. I recommend paying attention to what people are completing in the feed on the right of the screen, the higher % that complete, the more likely an offer will payout. EngagmeTV is another semi passive way of earning.

3. Cash out. Once you receive enough coins, you can cash out for gift cards to large retailers or direct deposits to PayPal. The biggest advantage of InstaGC is it is literally instant. Your gift card is immediately redeemable as soon as you cash out.

Right now they have their Holiday Bonus promotion going where you can earn an extra 10%!

Gives you cash for tasks, surveys, watching videos and for just confirming paid emails. There are bonuses for watching a certain amount of videos a week, and with search function you get a bonus for doing searches 4 days a week. There are limited payout options and the payout threshold is $30. With a referral link, you get $5 just for signing up to help you get started! Additionally their paid emails net you .02 per email you confirm them.

Their watch feature works very well, and you can make up to $.50 a day with this. They have an app that can run videos as well. 


Earnhoney is a site I've been trying out the last few months and has really been paying off.
I'd start with running videos.
The videos will autoplay one after another with an advertisement played at the beginning of most videos. This is the most passive ways to earn with EarnHoney. It must be the active tab of your browser, but can be run on tablets and their apps sometimes work. After every advertisement you'll earn "Nectar" which is worth a part of a Honey Dollar (HD). This is similar to SBTV desktop where the bar fills up till you earn your SB.

You can also do tasks and complete surveys to earn. 100 HD=$1 USD. Cashout for Paypal, Amazon gift card, bitcoin, or Visa Giftcard. They've recently added the VIP redemption option which come much more quickly once you qualify. Click here to get a 50HD bonus just for signing up!

The big upside to this site is that once you get past a certain amount, you get cash back on any redemption, the more you do the better this site is as you rank up from bronze to platinum.  This site has a good amount of other offers and surveys though that can help you bring in money on the side. Sign up with my link for a bonus!

One of my favorite daily tasks to do here is the card draw. It's simple and you can make money simply with this.

Some fountain of youth codes to get you started:
Code                Amount
9usptr8bc     13
356enbtkw     20
uz2zq2mmk     31
hfx9hbqzr     35
qeb5b2iar     13
4iseyaeau     23
05sm7ii7v     23
e521v8iur     15
5g4tgnvcw     34
zagg3bc9p     28
dv26eoatp     28
7rg23qcq6     24

Don't forget if you have questions about any of these sites please comment below or shoot me a tweet @Frugaldadt on twitter.

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