Monday, February 22, 2016

Birthday Bash Team Challenge Best Tips to Win!

Team Challenges can be amazing times to earn. Often there are more swagcodes and earning opportunities than normal during these times. To celebrate their 8th year, they are hosting a Birthday Bash Team Challenge.

From the Swagbucks Blog:
Ever since Swagbucks was launched 8 years ago we’ve always tried to provide the best online rewards experience for you. After all, it’s not about counting your years, it’s about making your years count!

Why all this talk about counting years? Well it’s our 8th Birthday Bash and you’re cordially invited to celebrate with us!

It’s okay if you forgot about our birthday. Don’t bother scrambling for a gift either. We are strong believers in that it’s always better to give rather than receive. That’s why we want to celebrate with all of you at our 8th Birthday Bash Team Challenge!

Put on your party hats and get ready to contribute points to your teams in the following categories:
Swag Codes
The Birthday Bash begins on our 8th Birthday, Thursday, February 25th at 12:01am PT/3:01am ET and ends at 5pm PT/8pm ET! We know that’s a long party but we’re feeling ambitious. We’ll try to pace ourselves, but you only turn 8 years old once!

All members who participate and contribute at least 200 points to their team’s total will be receive a SB bonus in the form of a SB Swag Up Rebate! Members of the 1st place team will receive a 100 SB Swag Up Rebate, members of the 2nd place team will receive a 50 SB Swag Up Rebate!

My tips and tricks for this. Watch is going to be the fastest way to earn. Check out my instructions for doing this the quickest way to make the most through watch on the computer. This includes watch, Toolbar Tv and NCrave.

If you want to boost your search wins I recommend following my instructions here to maximize your earnings.

Discover doesn't earn as much as watch, but if you have the set up going for max points on watch, you can move onto the discover tab and work on 1 SB offers in Radium One and Peanut Labs.

Referrals are always a great way to earn more swagbucks, not only will you earn 10 points for your team, but you will earn an additional 10% of everything your referral earns forever!

I encourage you to check the Swagbucks subreddit or the swaggernaut facebook group for more helpful hints!

Good luck!

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